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Playing With Cats

Cat Care Is Easy

People come to me asking, how do you care for your cats. First I don’t let them out, so they are spared a whole lot of problems that outside cats have. Don’t let them out is sort of equal to them not getting worms, fleas and all of the other nastiness.

One of them is scared of her own shadow, she is all black, and people are mean to black cats. So why would I make her go outside?

So care….

Typically, the answer is to keep them flea-free. I don’t like to mess around with flea prevention, so I prefer the systemic pills.

They make Comfortis for cats now!

Of course, not everyone is comfortable pilling a cat, so something like Revolution is also a-okay.

Other than that, I’d say just regular monitoring and attention. If you see what look like grains of rice around their butt (or anything remotely worm-like), you’ve got a problem, but even that’s easily fixable.

I’ve heard of people putting food-grade diatomaceous earth in with the animal feed, but I can’t personally speak for its effectiveness.

If I feel they have worms I buy them medication OTC because I have a total of two cats. I treat one, I have to treat both of them. I talked with my vet about what was the best solution to my problem, because I once had four cats.

Going to the vet every single time one gets tapeworm is stressful for the cats and expensive.

The fact that these two stay inside has meant that I have been lucky, neither of them have had tapeworms (or any other kind for that matter).

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