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Playing With Cats

Kitty Kettlecorn

My cats love kettlecorn.

For a couple of years I was on this popcorn trip. I ate it extensively. Anyway, I got really good at making popcorn in the kettle. The machine was just too much racket.

I make popcorn in a little kettle popper, so I made plain popcorn, kettle corn, and cheesey popcorn pretty often. They are like little addicts, the shove they’re faces in the bowl and run away with all the popcorn they can carry, my one cat will try to smack pieces out of my hand as I take them out of the bowl. I’m sure if I left out a plain buttercream frosting my cats would be all over that too, because they love butter.

I want to say my cats wouldn’t eat cake, but they love bread and one of them even stole a mini-blueberry pie off the cooling rack and ate the crust off it, so I don’t know.

My big boy once took an actual bite out of my ham&cheese sandwich. She loves bread and ham so she was like “this is mine now.” It’s weird how much she loves bread. She also tries to lick mashed potatoes every time I have it. Little carb-addicted Kitty.

It’s cute when they mew and paw at my leg to ask for some of the cheese I’m grating or some of the dough I’m making into bread.

It’s cute when they hear popcorn start popping there’s a loud thump from them jumping out of their window perch followed by the quick pitter patter of them running to the kitchen.

It’s not cute cleaning blueberry stains out of my rugs and off my wood floors (because he couldnt just eat in the kitchen, it had to be in his super secret hiding spot). It’s not cute when you turn around and see you cat sticking his tongue as deep into the bottle of peanut oil as he can to try and slurp some up. It’s not cute when your cat steals a steak or pork chop and it takes 20 minutes to find it in his backup super secret hiding spot. or when your cat breaks your nice plates by knocking them off the counter because there was a little bit of crumbs under them and they just couldn’t be wasted.

Honestly I’m just thankful that my cats haven’t needed to go to the vet for all the stuff they’ve consumed /stolen. I’ve tried upping their play time, I feed them good food with snacks and intermittent wet food, I take one of my cats on walks to the park when he seems extra restless. They just like people food I guess.

Little carb-addicted kitty.

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