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Playing With Cats

Any cat owner (that really loves their cat) will tell you that they need to drink.

Mine sort of stopped for a while.

My cat started yowling in the middle of the night for about 2 weeks, and we couldn’t figure out why. Her litter box was clean, she had food and water, we gave her treats and attention, but she wouldn’t stop yowling.

One night I woke up to ice water being dumped on my head, and a sheepish looking cat sitting above me where my water cup used to be. Turns out she was yowling because she decided that she was no longer going to put up with drinking out of some bowl, she needed her own cup. She had tried drinking out of mine, but the opening was too narrow for her to stick her head in, and she ended up knocking it over.

The next night I grabbed her a cup from the kitchen that was wide enough, and she never yowled like that again. She was such an ornery girl!

So when you cat is making a fuss… Have you considered that maybe they want a cup?

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