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Knowing Your Breeds

I usually don’t condone heavy breeding of cats. I just don’t think people need to put more into the world than we already have without knowing anything about it.

That is the purpose of today’s post though, because, it is essential to know and be able to handle emergencies that can and likely will arise in cat husbandry.

Look at it like a list of some of the things you need to know to breed cats:

Basic husbandry:

  • Cat, kitten and neonate handling.
  • Flea, worm, vaccine and microchip regime.
  • Housing necessities (enrichment, size, hygiene, etc)
  • Knowledge in recognizing poor health in cats and kittens.
  • Knowledge of keeping good health in cats and kittens.
  • Ability to measure and administer medication to cats and kittens.


  • Reading parental lines to ensure VERY SEPARATE bloodlines.
  • Awareness of common genetic ailments in cats and your breed in particular.
  • Awareness of symptoms and testing for these ailments and their related costs.
  • Knowledge of congenital issues with neonates


  • Awareness of the nutritional needs at different life stages.
  • Knowledge of caloric needs, how to replace deficits, how to calculate requirements for different needs, etc.
  • Knowledge of different food types and their appropriateness for different life stages, AAFCO, etc.


  • Knowledge of the estrus cycle.
  • Awareness of behaviors related to estrus cycles and mating.
  • Awareness of potential health problems and injuries related to estrus and mating.


  • Awareness of the numerous health problems that can come along with pregnancy.
  • Capability of paying for massive veterinary bills related to pregnancy.
  • Knowledge of the progression of pregnancy and the associated needs and risks.


  • Knowledge of the signs of imminent birth and how to prepare.
  • Knowledge of the signs of dystocia.
  • Awareness and willingness to seek help when necessary.
  • Knowledge of the birth processes and it’s stages, how long each stage should last, etc.
  • Knowledge of standard post-birth recovery for queens.


  • Knowledge of basic resuscitation techniques and first aid for neonates.
  • Awareness of basic congenital defects and their required treatment/first aid.
  • Knowledge of standard neonatal growth.
  • Ability to hand-raise kittens if necessary (this could be a whole dang list in and of itself).

Please go and do a lot of research on breeding cats before you get any animals. Like, six months to a year of research. Talk to other breeders. Talk to vets. Thoroughly examine the reason you want to breed cats. You absolutely can’t interbreed cats from the same litter.

People seem to think that they can inbreed cats. Sure, you technically can, they will breed, but all you are going to be creating are defective animals that are born to suffer just because of your own selfishness.

So please consider your actions carefully and be caring and considerate to God’s little munchkins!

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