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Playing With Cats

People act like dogs are so much more “hands off,” I beg to differ. I have met a lot of dogs that made quite a bit of stress in their day. So to tell me that a cat is “work” is like saying having a pet is work. It is. But so is a dog.

I think one bias comes from people thinking cats are only capable of eating from the can. Ie the ritzy argument.

But the truth is that you should give your cat wet food more often. Cats get a lot of their liquid from their food. Feeding it only dry food could cause kidney problems later in life. Plus wet food is healthier for the cat nutrition-wise.

Or you could go the route my mom does and give the cat 3 cans of wet food per day, plus unlimited dry food, plus lactose free milk. Pretty sure her cat eats better than several billion people.

I’m sure there is a happy medium somewhere.

But just remember that they’re obligate carnivores and can’t digest corn, the main ingredient of low quality cat food.

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